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dramatic lighting

Art is so friggin' fun.

This is one of those instances where I was already working on the drawing and then an Illustration Friday topic came up. The current topic is "Twist" and I think Spider might be a good fit. She looks all "twisty" doesn't she? Here is the original ink and pencil if you want to see (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v62/anandaphoenix/Spidersmaller.png).

At any rate, I had fun drawing her. This really was an excercise in getting used to gradient meshes. Honestly, they told me that doing a piece almost entirely in gradient meshes would be a headache, but you know what?!

They were absolutely right.

Spider is an imaginary friend who out lived the girl who imagined her. She has since turned into something far less benevolent. She laughs, she kills, she teases and not always in that order. She's 8 feet tall and she can never not lie (or at the very least, speak in excessively complicated riddles), she is prone to juggling knives and moving silently and unnecessary acrobatics. She freely hands out apples that are either posionous or grant you your fondest wish, she really doesn't care as both lead to interesting times and certain doom. She is one of my oldest characters, and, in a weird way, one of my oldest friends.



very sexy. great movement and flow.

catnapping (http://theoddneighbor.blogspot.com/)
Thank you very much. I liked your submission too. It's so much more clever than mine!

You are a talented little spudlet

If I were you, I would conclude this thought by saying "So I will cut off your eye and plant you in my garden to grow more of you." I won't, as I'm not.


you are lucky to have a friend like spider. she´s wonderful.
great site!


Thank you so much!
Really beautiful! I can see it being framed and hanging on someone's wall.
I was thinking the same thing. That picture demands to be printed on something nice and framed.

Awesome as always, Pol ^_^

This is gorgeous!


I love this! It is absolutely gorgeous! --Tracy Cundiff
Thank you so much! I loved your entry onto Illustration Friday as well.